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High Quality Brick Tiles in nigeria from, South Africa and USA
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Nationwide delivery of equitoni brick tiles


Site inspection and installation of equitoni brick tiles


Consulting and advising clients on the best colour of equitoni brick tiles that best suits their building design


EQUITONI BRICKS LTD Is a best bricks nigeria company that offers high quality brick tiles from South Africa and USA.
Our brick tiles are sliced from face and semi-face bricks, and are designed to create a very attractive quality finish’ that is weatherproof and maintenance free for life. We offer different colours of brick tiles that are unique to South African and American Equitoni bricks is the giant south african bricks supplier bricks in nigeria with a very large imported and  Made here in Nigeria high quality standard , antique bricks comes in 6 colors of red, orange, black, grey, beige and brown. At equitoni bricks limited, we sell ,supply and install various types of Bricks in nigeria.

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Equitoni brick tile finishing can be applied in various kind of structures like; Shopping Centers, Office Buildings Home apartments Housing/Estate Developments Suitable for refurbishments and brand new structures

Equitoni Bricks (From South Africa)

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