Equitoni AGATE – 1 carton has 52 brick tiles(1 sqm)

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1 review for Equitoni AGATE – 1 carton has 52 brick tiles(1 sqm)

  1. owolazola olusola

    How many pack of 225 x 75 x 9mm will be enough to build 3 bedroom flat. Just rough estimate please. This will enable me to plan my budject, also if you have an idear of bricklayer charges for this type of material.

    • EquitoniBricks

      Hi, thank you for contacting us, 1 carton of Equitoni brick tiles is a square meter. In order to help you with planning, you’ll have to measure how many square meters the 3 bedroom flat would be, this would give you the number of cartons you need to purchase, price of installation varies with country, please use the Whatsapp icon to get more details related to installation in your country, thank you for choosing Equitoni Bricks

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